Would anybody be able to give me a little wiring diagram of fitting a dimarzio HS3 to a single 500k pot to the input jack?
Its for a mini guitar i'm modding, and from the dimarzio website diagrams the pickup looks like it has 5 wires coming from it, i assume one is for ground but what about the rest? as i dont have a selector switch i dont know where the wires would go.
Thanks for any help
Is it a humbucker or single coil?
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Your HS-3 is single coil sized, but it has two coils. You have 4 wires plus ground.

You can use the diagram below, but you MUST make the following changes:

1 - The red wire from you pickup goes to the place where the black wire is shown in the drawing.

2 - The black and white wires on your pickup are connected together then taped up like the red and white are shown in the drawing.

Good luck,

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