So.. I want a new amp cause my Roland just sounds the same in all settings and I don't like that. I play metal, rock and blues. Budget is around €700/$700, I prefer a combo and tube would be nice, but I don't think I can get a good all-tube amp for that price.
It's for bedroom playing only
for $700 you could easily get a good tube amp for bedroom volumes. Start by looking at the epiphone Valve Junior and then if you want you could look for more expensive one. 30w is absolutely the maximum if you want a good sound at reasonable volumes... i think the VJ is 5w (about as loud as 15w ss) wich is perfect for bedroom.
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Hmm. Crate v8 with an overdrive? Easily in your range.
Used JCM 800 combo?
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I'm not a metal player so just passing this on. Some metal players seem ok with the Epi but I kind of think that's pushing it a bit. I would be more inclined to go with a Palomino (if available) and a distortion pedal. I don't know what your currency conversion is and what is available to you so wait for more knowledgable posts from non-US sources. Good luck.
Ok thanks.
I went to my guitar center and they have a couple of engls, but they are 50 watters, a bit too loud and also a bit to expensive. Then they have the new valvetronix which I liked, and the vox ac30 and 15. They also have a few fenders and they are good for blues, but useless for metal
Well I like the AC30 and it gets consistant high marks, though there may be something better for metal. The AC30 is reportedly much different from the AC15. If you can afford this amp there is no need to look at Valvetronix, they will be a let-down after trying an all-tube combo. You play a few more tubes and you won't be satisfied with it. I probably wouldn't pick a Fender for metal either as you said.
What about these Ibanez Valbees? Or the JSX mini collosal? Haven't tried either, but they look worth a look. And, the Peavey Windsor Studio also looks good.
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Let me know if you find anything because I'm in the exact same situation as you!

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