Im hoping to get a Dean Michael Sheckner for november and sum new pickups, i want to put a dimbucker in the bridge but what can i put in the neck?? any suggestions?
I'd recommend against the dimebucker personally, if you want the one Dimebag used, get a Bill laurence, which is cheaper and superior
where cud i put the bill laurence? whats the type? i dont really want the pickups dimebag used i just like the sound of the dimebucker
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Well the Bill laurence would be the bridge pickup - the dimebucker isn't a great pickup and is a total rip off for the price (i paid like 80 quid for mine, which got further sold on after a while)

What sort of sounds do you want out of it? References to them etc and budget? As you're in the UK check out Swinehead (might be Swineshead) or if you have a big budget, look into Bare Knuckles
well i play anything really so i want nice clean tones AND in your face distorted metal tones (not at the same time ) i am thinkin about swineshead there pretty cool lookin but i derno if they sound good or not
are you getting the standard or custom? i hated the standard, felt a bit cheap and was over priced. if you've tried it and liked it then go for it but i'd rather save for the mahogany custom than the basswood standard, that's purely preference though.

also seeing as your in the UK, look on ebay, there's a guy who made 24 michael schenker V replicas, 12 were sold when i checked so might be worth looking. it's listed as 1p or something but he's just using it as an advert, you have to email him. it costs less than the dean and will be of similar or better quality, this is of course if you are talking about the standard
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