Is there a decent but cheap delay pedal for $30 on amazon that I can get?
In 99% of cases, there isn't such a thing as a 'decent but cheap' piece of gear when it comes to Guitar gear. You get what you pay for, so save up some more. A lot more in fact - delay pedals tend to be pretty expensive. And don't buy from Amazon. Buy either second hand or from a music website/shop.
It depends what you want from it. If you're using it for rhythmic delay or U2-style stuff, or that pitch-shifting effect you can get from turning the time knob while you're playing. then the DD-3's the way to go. If you want more analogue, natural-sounding delay then I've heard good things about the Electro-Harmonix No.1 Echo, and it's a bit cheaper than the DD3.

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I would prefer more natural sounds. Thanks for the suggestion.
+1 to the No1. Echo. Marshall does a cheap delay pedal as well, the Echo Head. Cheap and cheerful, probably not particularly great, but if you're just messing about it could do a job.
When I was in the market for a cheapish delay pedal I found the Marshall to be much much better than the EHX #1. It's got tons more usable options and I liked the tone better, I think its a few quid cheaper as well.
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