I need some help deciding on what kind of electric guitar to get. Ive been playing on an acoustic for a little bit, I know some Chords, and my fingers are starting to co-operate(except my pinky.) Im looking for a decent electric guitar that can take me to the next level for around 2 hundo.

I was looking at the B.C rich Metal Master warlock - it looks pretty cool

I was looking at some Esp's. Kinda lost on the whole electric guitar. I want something that will last me while I get better. As more music, I want some that I can play rock on mostly but what do i know i am a NOobie.

Any thoughts would be great thanks
id go for a metal/rock styled guitar, with a trem and 22/24 frets with humbuckers and maybe a single. Because on these type of guitars, you can literally do anything, from van halen, and malmsteen, ...to red hot chilli peppers, and hendrix. Although i said there good for hendrix, i never play hendrix styled music on mine...strats for blues. for me anway.

Id got for a mid-ranged ibanez, jackson, ESP, schecter, or evan a HSS strat
Not a good guitar at all. Bad wood and bad reputation for quality. Log on to Musician's Friend or a similar site and come up with better ideas. Look for basswood, mahogany, alder, maple, poplar woods. Set neck is possible with no whammy bar. Don't be influenced by whether or not it looks metal, those entry level metal guitars are crap.
No such thing as an intermediate guitar for 2hundo. You will be getting a beginner electric guitar. Good luck. Best to go used or to save some money for a better guitar.
If you really want a new guitar now, instead of saving up a bit more, I sugest you get something like a Squier 51.

Keep this in mind if you want a guitar around 200, don't expect to have something incredible. You'd be doing yourself a favor to save up for a while and to stick with acoustic for now.

In this price range every dollar you spend more can mean a better guitar and by playing acoustic for a while longer you'll get a better idea of what kind of guitar you like.

My advice would be to keep playing your acoustic and to put about ten or twenty bucks away every week doing some chores or with a simple job.

I do recommend you going to a guitar store to try a few electrics to which ones you like. Eventhough you may never purchase the guitar you originally selected, it gives you a goal. Also don't set your target too high; aiming for an American Fender strat isn't going to motivate you very much because it's going to be out of reach for a long time.

In short:

-start saving, but set a certain a goal
-keep practicing
-do some general research and visit stores

Good luck.
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There is an Ibanez ARX100CA on Guitar Center's web site for $249. This is sure to be a good intermediate guitar. Check it out.
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Awsome - thanks for the feed back so far



Again any suggestions on just plain good electric guitar's would be good.

And yeah i would need an amp but havent gotten around to that yet.

I've heard bad things about the LTD F50.

The Ibanez is a really nice guitar. The pickups aren't that exciting, but none of the guitars in your price range are going to have super pickups and besides, at this point pickups aren't the most important thing.

The neck on the Ibanez is really nice, the finish is good and the quality is usually quite good. If you can try one out and see if you like it.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!