Im hopfully getting the dean Michael Schenker for november and wahnt ot change the picups, im thinking of a dimebucker in the bridge but aint sure, i want neck AND bridge not just one - any suggestions????
you could also go with a JB or a Custom 5 in the bridge which both have a hot output and pretty decent treble detail the JB i believe is better for the Treb. though. OR maybe it was the other way around...
also you could pair those two with a '59 SH1 in the neck. however the '59 has less output. its really just a preference on what kind of sound you are looking for. do some research if you havent already and see what you think would be best for you.
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i thought all hope was gone when you said dimebucker, but apparently you have a good head on your shoulders.

yeah thanks, glad to hear
i want to have a lot of tonal range because i play anything with a goood riff, im thinkin along the sd line
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an sd invader for bridge maybe?

No no no no no no no no no no NO.

It's just as bad, actually, even worse than the dimebucker.
i would say if you want some seymours... get the blackouts... they are great for whatever you want to play...
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daim, gimme sum ideas then what would you reccomend???

Swineshead Warthog in the bridge, Runaway in the neck.

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dont make me answer that question mate, and emgs arent the only pickups on the market so i have quite a lot of chioce what to get instead
ok so in the bridge im getting the SD distortion sh-6b, what would go nicely in the neck??
i was thinking SD distortion in bridge, SD jazz in neck, what do you think?? the only problem is i dont want it to sound too clean i do want quite a bit of distortion as i play heavy stuff aswell
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^ That combination is fine, i have it, and it works well.

Also EMG's aren't bad, although the SD blackouts seem to be superior sonically

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