what all factors could be contributing to my terrible sounding cab, besides the fact its a cheapy, its a crate cab, cheaper one too, but i have 4 celestion 12's (think they are gt12t's or something) in it...for w/e reason especially in drop tunings, i cant get the volume even 1/4 of the way up on my peavey vk100, before it sounds like the speakers either flub or somethin, it doesnt neccesarily sound like the speaker is "flubbing" tho, sounds more like some kind of resonance, and or some frequency thats too low to reproduce right and its making the speaker sound real crappy on bottom end....afraid to go any louder for fear ima blow a speaker...any help?

this has probably been address before, but itd take me prolly 30 pages of scrolling to find it, haha.

not sure if this is pertinent, but i have the cab set on 16ohm config, dist pedal is boss ML-2, and guitar is ESP LTD EC500-S, with the emg's.
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lot of factors. Cab construction, how it's jointed, the kind of wood, the kind of baffling, how it's designed, the speakers, all make a difference. Unfortunately, a lot of the cheaper cabinets are made from MDF particle board, which doesn't make the best sounding cab. Even how it's wired, ie. parallel/series, can make a difference in what kind of dampening is going on. What kind Celestions are they first off, "special designed by" Celestions, or actual Celestion like G12T75?

the ohm rating you are using shouldn't matter, as long as you are matching the same setting on the head and cab. If you are using a 16ohm cab, you have to make sure you are using the 16ohm tap/setting on your VK.
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Well you said the head is on 16 ohm it might help if you put it on 8. I think it might be overloaded. or check the settings on you head if it is a tube amp a tube might be busted.
Have you tried setting the resonance on the head to "tight?" Texture all the way to A/B. Maybe add a little presence.
I have a 412 Crate cab w/Celestions, and no problem, but if I were to drive it to metal settings I notice a litte looseness, probably the particle board. I'd keep the ohms to 16.
thanks for replies, to answer some questions,

1) the cab is not part board, it is plywood, sides look like 1/2" not sure if front is thicker or not.

2) 16 ohm is higher then 8 ohm, the lower the impedance, the more load the amplifier sees, so that dont seem right.

3) i do have cab and amp matched up, i did car audio for years, wouldnt make that mistake.

4) The speakers are actual 12T75's.

5) maybe ill give the amp settings you suggested a try, not super familiar with the amp or any amp for that matter cuz im still kinda new, and not sure exactly what to tweak to get what i want or to cure problems, learning process, lol.
ahh, I assumed you were already very familiar with amp. Definitely give yourself some time to get used to the eq and options.
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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well i turned to a/b, was most the way there already, and turned resonance down (if thats what u meant) seems to help a lil, because it did tighten up the low end a bit...not quite as hollow sounding either it seems.