You made an excellent choice. I have the exact same amp. Except the 4x10 version. My settings are:

Bass at 2 o'clock
all the mids roughly the same at 12 o'clock
treble at 3 o'clock.

for me the subharmonic generator is pointless. it's just a built in Octave effect. i have one that sounds much better on my boss pedal.

Oh, and the 3 EQ input buttons: (in = on, out = off)

Deep: off
bright: on
EQ: On
How good is that thing for a John Myungish tone, or a grinding bass tone for metal?

You see, I'm either considering the MAG, or saving up for a SWR Workingpro, a Ashdown ABM, OR an Ampeg SVT 3PRO. I know the rest are better, but I was wondering if there was a point getting the others if I could get the tone I wanted from the MAG.
Ibanez SR505
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They're pretty good for metal tone, I got a nice growl with a MAG C115-300, was a really good thrash metal kinda tone.

HOWEVER, the speaker on it blew halfway through a gig and it wasn't really being pushed at all!
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to be honest, I thought they were awful. I mean some of the songs our drummer's written was better than their stuff.
^^ i don't see how thats possible when having 183watts (at 8 ohms, doesnt use the full 300 unless an additional cabinet is added making it 4 ohms) makes a speaker/cabinet that can handle 500watt peak..