Ok, now that I've found out what new amp I'm getting, our lead guitarist in our band wants a new amp. He has the money for a stack, so hes considering getting one. (like a $1500 budget) He wants to stick with Line 6, because he loves the Spider III 120 he has, but he knows that he can't crank it. So my question, what kind of stacks do you guys recommend. Like me, he'll be playing hard rock and metal, but he may dabble in other genres. thanks UG.
why does he love the line 6 exactly?
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Quote by bite_the_bullet
why does he love the line 6 exactly?

no clue. all i know is that hes heard that line 6 has a tube setup.
Before a million people say it, he won't need a halfstack for anything really. A 2x12 combo will have plenty of thump. That said, I personally like halfstacks, but you can't go cheap or you wind up with garbage. Always go quality over quantity with guitar gear.

If he can go used, there are many choices with that budget for hard rock and metal. Mesa F series, Mark III, Mark IV, Rectifier, Peavey 5150/6505, windsor, XXX, Marshall DSL/TSL, JCM, Carvin V3, Krank Rev, ENGL fireball, VHT Deliverance, Randall MTS/RG, plus many more I'm forgetting for sure.

If he's dead set on line6, and loves the spider120, he may want to wait a little. They are releasing the Spider Valve head pretty soon. Basically a Spider that likes to be cranked. It would be in his pricerange new with a cab too. The 1x12 and 2x12 combos are already out with less than stellar reviews so far, but I'm waiting to hear how the head sounds with a good cab.
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