What's the longest you've ever been on UG, as in signed in and actively reading the forums? I'm not talking about reading or searching for tabs cause that's pretty productive, I'm talking about no-lifing it on the forums especially the pit. I think my record is around three hours in a row, when I was pulling an all nighter during the summer... yeah, there's three hours of my life that I'll never get back.
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Anyway, long hair and a foreign accent, aren't you a hit with the laydeees?

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2 hours tops... then i get fidgety and need to bounce around the room singing "I against I" in order to gain back the circulation in my legs...
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lol 4 hours a day during the vacation. thats why im seldom here.
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Too long.

^ Pretty much.
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ahm .. liek 5-6 hours (the day profiles were active)


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ahm .. liek 5-6 hours (the day profiles were active)

Oh god I forgot about those.

I change to 7-8 hours
5 DAYS? d*mn, I never last more then 15 minutes before getting tired of all that bull**** people spit out at eachother!
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Probably in the region of fourteen hours, including browsing the internet and being in chat at the same time. I had a lot of spare time in the holidays, and little to do with it. Or my memory could be making a gross exaggeration, but it seems about right.
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Probably two hours, at the maximum.
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Its on CONSTANTLY on my macbook in my room.


about the last 2 weeks? cos thats how long ive had the macbook.

But usually, about 15 mins? i always have it on the background when listening to music and reading other stuff.
i've bene on here today for about 8 hours or so so far
and i'lll probably end up not coming off till the early hours of the morning =]
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about half an hour
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Oh my hell...nine hours monday through friday. so 45 hours a week. lol.

But it's only cuz i'm at work.

Probably about 4 hours on a summer night....
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I recon about 6 hours

jesus christ
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