Well, if you're just starting to play, then yes.

Normally I would hassle you as to what guitar you have and what sort of music you play, but for a beginners amp, get it.
depends. if you play mostly metal, get either the cube or a valvetronix XL.
if you play mostly 'softer' stuff, up to hard rock at max, then look at the valvetronix.
i'm playing for a year but i have marshall 15cd (unfortunately) i wanna take something with reverb but my budget is very limited what shoul i do
If you are going for the microcube, be sure to try the vox da5. The Vox is meant for lighter stuff and isn't IMO as nice as the microcube. But they are both good amps for the price.
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im playin more blues rock classic rock hard rock

vox valvetronix then. not the XL.

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how is Fender FM 15 DSP

average at best.
cleans are fairly good, but the OD is just plain awful.
thanks but how is roland cube 20x because vox ad15vt is very expensive here (like 458 $)
cube 20 x is 283$ will i be regret if i get cube 20 x
i don't have experience with those, but i believe i heard dave say something like 'stay away from the 20X, it's the 30X you want'.
don't quote me on that though...

for your genres, i think you'd be better off with a vox (although i didn't try a cube yet)

but it is a beginners amp after all, so you probably will upgrade it anyway, so with that price gap, you could also consider a cube.

good luck