Check out my band, The Aggrieved. We're a Hardcore/Metal band from the Dayton area (ohio,us). We're recording another new song in 3 days as well. Check out our myspace for more info about us, and tell us what you think!

UG - The Aggrieved


Hope you enjoy!
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its good...but like the user above me...kinda boring in the sense that theres nothing new going on in here at all! But looking past that, vox are good, guitars are good, drums are good, bass is good....quality is good too

how ever, this is not something that sounds any different than any other band of the genre.
yea rather unorginal, very generic, sounds good, but generic, and thats a no no, bad! think of a band like dream theatre they are one genre of music they are able to mix multiple things together and thats what make them sweet, plus the first song considering the screaming and guitar sounds like a heavy metal song, but theres no shredding? wtf mate? the highlight of metal music is the shred, playing bar chords over and over is gay, oh wate i just got to the little solo shred part, so scratch that off, ehh whatever i dont even know what im talking about anymore i got lost and off topic just it sounds good, and if you decide to make it any heavier with singer it would be gay