I've been hear awhile so as i got into my new dorm-room in September, i it would let me access UG from my dorm. WTF? only this website doesn't work, i have never had a problem with any other. Anyone know the reason? its pissing me off since this is the only really reliable tab-site. Anyone think they know the answer?
so you cant get on UG?
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Maybe someone from your college got IP banned years ago and noone thought to check that it wasn't a single persons IP.
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ummmmm, if you cant access the site, then how are you accessing the site?
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Yeah because he'd spend 3 years solely on UG instead of doing his work.

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Apparently you didn't catch the sarcasm, dude.
Could be the IP thing as someone above suggested, or your college filters certain sites to control bandwidth.

Probably one of the two.
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Yeah, i will be honest, the pit was my way of procrastinating in High School. Now i lost that dammit. I guess i have to find a social life now.....

And when i try to access it, it just never loads up. I get a white screen in firefox and after 5 minutes it says I'm sorry but firefox cannot access the website.

EDIT: now that i think about it, i would think its not a filter by the college. Theres no problems with any other sites.
Have you tried it via IE or Opera?

There may be something wrong with your Firefox.
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No i tried. It doesn't work no matter what. My roomate and friends can't get on their computers either.

EDIT: although as further proof to the IP ban theory, it works at other university buildings, just not my dorm.
Maybe your hall is down? Try contacting your R.A. or someone in Tech.
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Maybe someone from your college got IP banned years ago and noone thought to check that it wasn't a single persons IP.

Something similar happened to me upon registering. My IP was apparently one of a known spammer/general asshat, and so I got banned. They didn't take into account that a few thousand people in the East Midlands share my IP thanks to something NTL/now Virgin Media use to save network resources.
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well the big problem is its kinda hard to test solutions since once i get back to my dorm i can't get on here if none of these work.
okay, im back in my dorm and the iBypass idea mentioned actually works and got me on the site. I'm not going to be in trouble for using a banned IP if that was the case?
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