So my friend who is a drummer needs to do a Drum and Bass song for his GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) for you non-brits, so I, as the only bassist he knows needs me to come up with a bass line for him. Drum and Bass isn't somthing I've ever writen so I could use some tips. I know it needs to be bouncy and entertaining though I have never needed to write a line which is pretty much a lead part. Any tips?
listen to some pendulm for inspiration - Best advice i can give also you some distortion might sound cool too
shy fx are pretty good drum n bass band...i'm not quite sure who else to suggest, pendulum is a good idea there's some tabs on here i do believe for some of their songs
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not really so much drum and bass... but it was a band with just a drummer and a bass... Death From Above 1979... pretty good bass lines
a lot of jets to brazil uses only bass and drums, and guitar just to accent a little bit
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