Today in my stupid ****ing gym class, this asshole hit me in the face with a ****ing lacrosse stick (intentionally), I yelled at the gym teacher who didn't give a ****, so the entire class and school day this piece of **** mocked me and went around and said in a girly voice " I got hit in the face, ahh!!!!" Words cannot describe how ****ing angry I am right now, I wanna ****ing kick this piece of ****'s ass so bad, I would have hit him back in the face as hard with the lacrosse stick as I could but I didn't want to get suspended. That's why I'm still unsure of I should deck him in the face tomorrow. It wouldn't be such a big deal if the asshole didn't go around give me **** everyday. That's why I'm angry as HELL right now.

Should kick this mother****er's ass?
Kill him.

You won't get suspended because he hit you with a lacrosse stick, and everyone knows only girls play lacrosse.
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dude...thats a given..anytime ur assulted you ALWAYS assult back...look at our country. a terrorist group assults us, we take over afghanistan and iraq! its the way of the world, and who cares if u get suspened, just think of it as a little vacation.
kick his ass, otherwise you'll be thought of as a pussy
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you shoulda lynched that nigger.

*spits in spittoon and feels up his cousin*
beat his arse
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Kick his ass outside of school so you don't get in trouble.
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damn straight you should
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I love you.

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Do something along the lines of what Eric Cartman did in the episode Scott Tenorman Must Die...

He got Scott's parents killed then cut them up and used them in his chili recipe. He then got Scott to eat the chili.

Don't actually do that. I would kick this guys ass though. What he did was really uncalled for and the mocking on top of that is like the icing on the cake. Put him in a pipe and smoke it.
Kick his ass, then blame it on the government!
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how about kicking him in the balls to get him on the ground, and then lube up the lacrosse stick. I don't think that i need to explain the rest!
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