So, I'm getting a new laptop next week, and it has Windows Vista on it.

Currently I have a 2nd generation iPod nano,

One of these:

and I was wondering whether or not these iPods are compatible with Windows Vista. Currently I have it running through my family computer with XP, and that's how I get all my music on to it, but it would be nice if it was compatible with Vista so I could use my own computer for it.

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Answer is yes, you'll need the newest version of iTunes though.
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yeah it's the software (iTunes) that needs to be compatible, not the iPod. iPods connect via either USB or Firewire... whether or not your computer has these ports has nothing to do with what version of Windows you are running... sans like 3.11. and yes newer versions of iTunes are compatible with Windows Vista.
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yeah the mod up there ^^^ explained it nicely, it's the software that has to be compatible, not the iPod
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