I own an esp ltb mh 400. I bought it used and it didn't come with a bar for the bridge. I can find one that is small enough to fit it. ESP doesnt have any replacements for sale, and never does my local guitar center or sam ash..The bar has to be less than 7mm

I am sure that it is a licensed floyd rose bridge from 2000-06.
so what are you asking?
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Tons, but trem bar replacement over the internet is like ordering hookers; NO bloody idea what you'll end up with.

Take it to a shop (preferibably a local, non-chain) and they might have a big bag you can rummage through 'till you find one that fits.
When you buy a guitar and you want a tremolo buy your guitar with the tremolo its better and it cost less...

I already asked and it cost between 300 and 500$. Depands the guitar you have and the pailpiece you have.
^ he means the actual whammy bar, not the whole bridge
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all the floyds ive ever seen, all the whammys were the same, when i had my jackson i was using a righty whamy sence im lefty..

goto your guitar center and find a guitar with a floyd and see if it'l fit..if not..idk what to tell you

and a Floyd rose isnt $300-500.
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