I just bought the dunlop formula 65 cleaning kit with polish and fretboard cleaner. The polish sounds simple but the lemon oil is confusing. I have a floating trem bridge,it is a PRS SE Custom. So once you take off one string the others go out of tune. If I take off all the strings,wont it mess up my bridge and won't it be hard to put new strings back on. How should I clean it? I have had this guitar for about a year and this is the first time I am cleaning it. I dont want to mess up my guitar.
take something small and hard and place it underneath the bridge to keep it level. take off the strings and clean the fretboard. i find using the old set of strings and placing them in a daddarios package and placing it under the bridge does no damage to the finish and keep the bridge level.

im not quite sure this is the "normal" way to do it, but it works. also keep the bridge jammed while putting the new strings on after the lemon oil has dried
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