what is a better amp the fender hot rod deluxe or the fender blues deluxe?

what is a better one for heavy stuff such as Metallica, which is going to be better for classic rock such as Boston?

Please include what has better reverb, overdrive, etc.

If you can, name other amps that are good with all those for a price around 700 new. thanks
rerm vox ad50tx or whatever or maybe a roland if they go up to your price budget
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For metal stuff, I'd say get a used Peavey 6505 combo, the price is about the same. A lot of people say that the clean sucks, and it's true that there's not much headroom compared to a fancy boutique or vintage-style amp, but I turn up the gain on the clean channel and get some nice old-school distortion that's perfect for Boston. Still, you probably gonna want something more versatile.
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