My solos, scales, etc is decent... ive been playing for 2-3 years

But I just CANNOT get my rhythm right...
- I cant tap my foot correctly when I play
- I sometimes cant even tap to a song
- Im using the metronome right now to fix this but its not really working because i cant play into the beat.... even at 80bpm...
Im just playing powerchord rifts right now... like (hit, pm,pm, hit, pm, pm, hit, pm, change chords) and i get it right a few times then i feel like im off again...
instead of playin along to the metranome tap your foot with the metronome until you get a feel for that. if your learning a song, listen to it and tap along with it til u can do it fluently. then attempt to play the song on guitar
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when you are at school just tap like crazy

well not exactly, tap on the beat and do it for a whole class period

also when tapping you don't have to drum so loud that everyone can hear
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how does someone manage to solo without learning rhythm first? music is rhythm, rhythm is music
That's what she said
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how does someone manage to solo without learning rhythm first? music is rhythm, rhythm is music

well i guess im using my feeling... so they are somewhat in rhythm... but not exactly in... you know? -.-

and when i play songs i just follow the guitar in the recording.... thats was probably a bad habit i shouldnt have started
I havent considered myself to have mastered a song until I can play it with the song in the background, I did that when I started and I've never had a problem with rhythm
You're like Yngwie... apparently his drummers whinge about how he can't keep it together when he's NOT in neo-classical hyperdrive mode.

TS, metronome unfortunately is going to be your escape, that or a drummer. I'm amazed that this could happen, but force yourself to play a lot of rhythm and you'll get a feeling for it.
I didn't have real great rhythm, but then borrowed my buddys drums and messed with them for a month or two in combination with my metronome, and after doing that my rhythym got much better than I would have expected with guitar... I recomend this if you can get a drum set or even some drum sticks and practice on a makeshift set.

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Try not tapping your foot. Seriously.

I've known a few people who have had problems with rhythm, and couldn't keep in time with a metronome or with their feet. They couldn't even nod in time.

Then, when they stopped with all that stuff, they got it right straight away, perfectly.
The reason is, you could be concentrating so much on listening out for the beat, or on getting your foot in time, that your actual playing is being pushed to the back of your brain, throwing you off. If you cut the other stuff out and focus solely on your playing, you might just nail it naturally.

It's like how some people play better when they're not looking at the fretboard, or how some people who can't read music and don't know theory can work out how to play a song almost right away, but give them a tab and all it does is delay them: some people just work better when they're not consciously thinking about what they're doing. Give it a go.
i think i play "fine" as in fine... and not great... without tapping

but i know that sooner or later, i will hit a wall if i dont tap... so im going to learn to tap...

i didnt realize how bad i was at this until my teacher asked me why me foot is never moving... and then when i start tapping... its pretty out of beat
anyone that says their solo and leads are good but rythm is bad....well thats a bit strange isnt it.
You didn't learn rhythm first? Thats a shock.
Well, I its something you feel. Maybe your drummer is throwing you off.
Or maybe you need to play with some drums to get your timing down.
Quote by DieKrupps
anyone that says their solo and leads are good but rythm is bad....well thats a bit strange isnt it.

i know that solos and lead dont get good without rhythm,
im saying that my solo and leads are good compared to my rhythm... if you cant imagine that... then.. i dont know how to explain it

^ and that might be why... i usually dont play with a drummer.... i practice alone mostly so yea.
Just put on a basic song with easy chord changes. For this, I'd recommend a stripped down blues song from Fleetwood Mac, Cream, or the Rolling Stones. Most blues rock songs stick to a 12 Bar progression that is easy to master, but essential to playing. Play along with one of these songs but ONLY focus on the rhythm. Just keep repeating it, listen for the changes, and dial in your rhythms. Then step it up to more complicated stuff and you can develop your skills.
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Practicing *correctly* with a metronome is probably one of, if not *the*, most
overlooked parts of practicing. A metronome is not a stopwatch to guage your
speed, it's to work on hitting the beat *precisely* (which in turn enables you to
play faster). I've listened to so many recordings where people's rhythm is SO
off -- they clearly don't practice with a metronome.

Go as slow as you need to and start at only 1 note per click. Your goal is to
"bury" the click exactly. Then move up to doing more notes per click always
BURYin the click with your note.

A powerful technique is to work "in groups". Where a group starts on 1 click and
ends on the neck click. For example, 1 group of eigth notes would be 3 notes:
click-note-click. Do 1 group and stop and insure you start and end right on a click.
Then add groups as you are comfortable.

It's much better to get an easy rhythm right on, than it is to just "guess and go by
feel" -- the latter usually sounds bad.