No matter where I watch videos, online or offline, they all skip and jam. I use VLC player offline which is supposed to be a pretty light program, but it even skips there. I just installed and ran Ad-aware, AVG antivirus, Spybot, Advanced Windowscare, and Zonealarm and ran scans for all of them but I still have the same problem. What can I do to fix this?
You could try to increase your buffer size. You can do so in the options menu of your player. (most players have that anyway). If that doesn't solve it you might wanna try to install new drivers for your soundcard/on-board sound.
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maybe your computers specs cant quite cope with the videos, how much ram have you got?
and what operating system are you on?
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I'm on XP with a Gig of RAM. Its not just videos, its also just opening simple songs and it still skips. It used to be able to play them no problem, so its no hardware problem, I think somethings overloading my CPU or something, I'm not really a tech head.

Dardarian, where can I adjust the buffer size, or which player do you use where you can?
maybe you need a better media player.. all codecs are not created equally.
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I doubt the problem's with the media player, since I've tried a few older files on players where they worked before, but no dice. If it was a codec problem I think the file just wouldn't open at all. Here the file opens, but it stutters and freezes.
hm. it could be a conflict between other programs. when was the last time you formatted or cleaned up your comp?
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I haven't formatted before, I usually just do a system restore and that takes care of the problems, since I'm too much of a pussy to start from scratch. Aside from that, I usually just run spyware and virus scans, and cut down on my startups in msconfig.

Do they display essential services in the msconfig service's tab? I already have my startup items as low as they can go, but could I deselect some of those services (ie some of the microsoft ones), or are all the microsoft processes there essential?
not 100% sure. i'm not a computer whiz or anything.. i just know, that the less crap on your comp, the better it runs.

when you hit "ctrl-alt-delete" and bring up the task manager, under the processes tab, they say the average you should have is about 30-35 or something. it'll tell you in the bottom left.
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Yeah, I've got 43 running right now, thats why I wanted to know if I could get rid of them through msconfig, but I didn't want to get rid of any essential processes. Eh, I dunno. If worse comes to worse I'll just try another system restore.
Try looking at your task manager and seeing what's eating up your processor time. It just sounds like your CPU is on overdrive. Check out task manager - worse comes to worse, just google each process.