To be a true fan of a band, do you need to know the names of the members?

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Just a simple question, today in school, i wore my primus shirt

this kid in my french class says how he loves them and it theres fav band, and his fav. song is "my friend fats"

i told him, "oh yeah, les has a wicked cool tapping riff in that"

"les? wtf are you talking about?"

"les claypool, the bassist"

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No, I think the only reason some people know the members is because they play the instrument. I didn't know members of any of my favorite bands until I played guitar.
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Well maybe he should if its someone like Primus but I can't name any members of some of my favourite bands straight off the top of my head.
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yeah definitely

Its easy for me though. My favourite artists are John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, Clapton and SRV.
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Well to be a fan you don't, but to be a true fan you do

Agreed. I like Soundgarden, but the only member I know from it is Chris Cornell. However, I LOVE Pantera, and I know "Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abbott, Vinnie Paul Abbott, Philip Anselmo, and Rex Brown.

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hell yea im a Die Hard fan of metallica (i know every single band member from Lloyd to Trujilo)

and im a True Fan of IRON MAIDEN (METAL GODS!!!)
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No, it is not necessary to know the names of band members of a group you listen to and like. It is recommended however, because you never know when some random douche will suddenly give you a 'true fan' pop quiz and condescendingly berate you for getting any answers wrong.
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If you are a FAN, yeah. If you just like the band a lot, nope.

A true fan yes, hell even a respectable fan. Not knowing the names of the people that make music that you like, is no better than liking a band because it's trendy.
Um. No?
If you Idolize them, sure. But just because you're a 'true' fan doesn't mean you're required to know the names. Between the Buried and Me is one of my top five favorite bands, and I only know Tommy Rogers and Paul something-or-other.

Just enjoy the music. Stop getting caught up in all this kind of crap.

This kind of discussion is one you'd have in 7th grade. Grow up.
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you dont need to to like them

if you like the music know the names of the songs

if you like the performers...then know there names
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It depends how long you've liked them. EX. No pressure to go and look up the band members, but if you've liked a band for a year+, then you should probably start getting to know the members.
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Um. No?
If you Idolize them, sure. But just because you're a 'true' fan doesn't mean you're required to know the names. Between the Buried and Me is one of my top five favorite bands, and I only know Tommy Rogers and Paul something-or-other.

Just enjoy the music. Stop getting caught up in all this kind of crap.

This kind of discussion is one you'd have in 7th grade. Grow up.

Its Wagonner.
And yeah, they are the only two I could name straight off my head.
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It depends. If it's somebody like Les Claypool, Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon or someone else who has had a huge impact on music then yes. And I suppose to be a really big fan then you do, but to enjoy the music it shouldn't be necessary.
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Does it matter? I mean, I know all the members of Dream Theater and all there equipment and that. But my freind considers them his favourite band aswell, although he knows far, far less about them than me. What gives me authority to claim that I'm a bigger fan.
I mean, although I like the Trucc as a person as well as a guitarist, I couldn't give a **** if DT replaced Petrucci with Adolf Hitler as long as their music was as good so, focus on the music not the people!
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[quote="'']Not really, I blame music downloads.

Think about it, if you buy CD's the booklet tells you all the bandmembers, what they play, and what songs they wrote

But generaly when i get into a band i reaserch them, because i'm like that lol

Me too.
the first time i went to school in my primus shirt, SOOO many kids came up to me going "whos preemus?"

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you don't have to know their names but it helps
it really helps if your having a converation about them.

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I guess if you are a "true fan" you're supposed the names.
Atleast, I do know the names of my favorite band.
i try to know the names but sometime it just slips your mind, you know. but if one of the band members is particularly well-known, such as les claypool of primus, and you don't even know who it is, you should be ashamed of yourself.
I attempt to know as much about the bands I listen to as I can. When someone says they are a fan of Alice in Chains and they don't know who Layne Staley or Jerry Cantrell is, then I basically end the conversation. It's better to say you are a fan of [song] than a fan of [band], because then you don't have to name the band members. Even better to say you like [song] or [band].

I like Santana and Stone Temple Pilots, but the only members I know of each are Santana and Scott Weiland.

So yeah, if you claim to be a fan of a band, then know something about the band, support the band, buy their shirts and attend their concerts. That's what being a fan is about.
The term 'True Fan' is a term invented by elitists who want to have 'revolutionary' tastes in music.
A fan, is a fan, is a fan.
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if you like the music, you like the music. someone can be a fan as soon as they hear their first song by the artist. knowing the names of the members is good to know though.
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I don't think it's ABSOLUTELY neccessary... but....

Nevermind. You should at the very least know the NAMES of them. Hell, I know all the equipment of all the members of A7X. I even know the strings they use. So yeah, at the very least, know their damn names.

THAT, my friends, is real dedication.
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I know all the members of my favorite bands, but there's still bands I enjoy enough so that I'd call myself a fan and I have no idea who the members are, so no I don't think it's neccesary.
I usually know the names, unless they have a constantly changing line up or something.

I found out I know Steve Vai's current pedalboard off by heart.
You're a fan of the music, not the people.

I couldn't tell you any of the names of the members of Jamiroquai, except that the singers name is "Jay K". One of my favourite bands.
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I'd say to be a fan of the band, yes, to be a fan of the music, no. But it's descriptive, not prescriptive. And it can be interesting to find out about the lives of people who make music you like.
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Nah,i like a lot of bands,most of which i couldnt name any member apart from the guitarists lol.Some bands i dont even know the guitarists :P
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