Ok, i have been moding my own guitars for years, and i'm very good at it. My friend comes to me and asks if i can modify the neck on one of his guitars, and i told him sure, ive done this mod several times already, and no problem. My only question is how much should i charge him, because the projects ive done this mod on already were either for sale, or my own.

any ideas?
mod the neck in what way?
Just consider the cost of parts, how much work it'd going to take, and if you're really looking to make much money from it (If I do stuff to a friend's guitar, I'll just round the cost of parts up to a multiple of $5 or $10, but if I'm looking to do it as an actual job, then it depends how much work I put into it.)
when ever i mod peoples guitars i charge them the cost of the parts plus 10%
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...hes your friend. Dont charge him labour.

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yea if hes your friend dont charge him anything for it except for the parts, if someone askedme to do any mods for them thats what id do.