I have a Japanese strat from 1994-5. Does anybody have an idea what pickups came with it? Were they low or medium quality? What would be a good up-grade for them from Fender? I like everything from Hendrix to Pink Floyd to Santana to Led Zep and B. B. King. With that said there can't be one set up to cover it all. So how about a good compromise but with Blues sound most important.
Any aversions to hum-canceling pickups? Dimarzio has this based on the Area 59/61 series, which has received good reviews from Guitar World. You may want to try listening to the sound systems to get a vague idea on their characteristics (it's not as scientific as Seymour Duncan's series of tests unfortunately).
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Maybe custom shop texas specials or 69's. Or you could consider SD pickups, or possibly fender 57/62s.
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what's your budget? what's your amp? what wood is the guitar body, neck and fretboard? does it have to be from fender? (hint: the answer to this one is: NO)

Where are you from? (affects prices)
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I'm getting some strat pickups from rockmonkeyguitars.com. I've heard great things about them, and I'll let you know how they are when I get them soon.
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