i wouldn't advise the jazz. the jb is an outstanding pickup (i have both in my rr you see) but the jazz isn't quite up to doing what it felt like it needed to do. with it being a bridge pickup (usually) i expected it to have some crunch for rythm, but it was a bit flat for me, so as a personal piece of advice i'd get a 59 or a peraly gates. but thats just me.

btw im modding a jackson kelly atm so good luck!

as another note, i hop you have an electric sander, ive been sanding by hand with p60 sandpaper and so far have been sanding for three days (about 6 hours each day) and im not done with sanding the front of the guitar - but then im sanding down to the wood.
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You need to take a screen grab dude for us to see that. Otherwise, sounds nice. I think, if you don't plan o n using it much, the Jazz should be fine in the neck. But if you want something cool, try a hot pickup in the neck, like another JB. For removing the finish, I would use paint stripper. Messy, but it saves a lot of work.