So me, being a procrastinator, waited until the day before a paper was assigned to do it. And now, I'm having some trouble with it. I have to write a We The People paper (a school thing, its funded by the government and such... blah blah blah) Anyways. The papers pretty important and I'm almost failing that class.

Anyways, enough about that.

The papers three main questions are...

'How and why did the Magna Carta contribute to the development of constitutional government?

-What important principles of modern constitutionalism are contained in the Magna Carta?

- What ideas in your state constitution and the US constitution can you trace back to the Magna Carta?'

If any of you have any kind of information on the Magna Carta, please do tell... Thank you.
I had to do this a while ago :P But i did crap on it,thats when i started doin my homework the day i got it lol.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

ha ha homework sucks. aint had homework for years
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Your on your own there mate, i can't remember anything from the magna carta!
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I'm pretty sure our entire legal system is based on it.
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its really not that hard. The Magna Carta and then later, the English bill of rights, were models from which to form our own Bill of Rights (US).
The Magna Carta made it unable for the Monarchs to totally rule everything, as the English nobles had gained power to challenge that of the monarchy. It listed rights not even the Monarch could take away. Separtion of Powers, you may have heard that before. It means not one branch of government has complete rule over another. We modeled this after the magna carta
Well I know there was originally about 50 of them.

I think 2 survived, and most people think there's just one, but they made and signed loads of copies back then.