just curious

what you poeple do say if it`s 8 and your band is going on at 11 or so

i sit play unplugged with the bassist, smoke, go over my solos, talk to people, listen to my ipod, look at the names of famous that have played at the venus other stuff to

just share
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Watch the other acts.
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Well, since load in is hours before... we walk around town, get food, talk to people, practice a bit, sound check of course... watch other bands, get super nervous.
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Well, since load in is hours before... we walk around town, get food, talk to people, practice a bit, sound check of course... watch other bands, get super nervous.

thats it.
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First I load in (obviously), talk to the sound guy, booking guy, and try to feel as home as possible. Then I greet members of other bands, because in music, connections are key. Then I walk around, maybe go to a nearby McDonald's for a bite, then watch the bands until we go on.
If it's the same as our last gig, then I'll be teaching our drummer our ending song, as we'd never played it before.

Still went really well, think we got lucky
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Sound check, have a chat with the sound guy for a while, chat to other bands, smoke, have a pint and watch the other bands perform. Maybe go round chattin to the audience, try and create a buzz about your band if you know what i mean
Well Ive only played one gig, but we had 45mins or so before we went on, I just warmed up unplugged, talked to a few people, watched the other bands, had a look at the stage setup, then got the band together a little bit beforehand and we're set.
I just sit and chill..

I dont practice too much cos then I get worked up and start to freak out
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We usually go jump in the pit to show our respect to the other bands and their music, and/or warm up unplugged cuz going up on stage without being somehow pumped aint cool.
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Well all the shows my band has played we played first. So, load in about an hour-hour and a half from showtime, sound check, talk with the other bands/audience members, watch the other bands soundcheck, and walk around aimlessly with my bandmates.
encourage the band to chat "quack" like in that inspiring moment in the mighty ducks
Drink massive amounts so we can actually stand to listen to the bands that are on before us.
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Sleep if possible. More than likely try and convince the rest of the band not to drink too much whilst actualy drinking too much myself.
My band usually plays first by request, so there's not alot of waiting around. We get there and set up and soundcheck and stretch out and stuff for the 20 or so minutes before we play. After we get done I tear my stuff down and (depending on the parking situation) either load up the van or just put it all in back. After that I usually hang out and have drink, watch the other bands and stuff.
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Move some furniture around a little to psychologically stamp our authority (such as it is) over the place. Not talking about wholesale interior re-design, just a few tables or chairs slightly. Sounds deranged but it seems to help. The idea came from "Win the Crowd" by US magician Steve Cohen so don't blame me..

Once furniture is sorted we're free to word anyone who looks lonely, go for a meal or sit together and discuss new material
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I play in a cover band so most of our shows are one-band gigs. We show up two hours ahead of show time, load in, set up, and soundcheck.

We usually only have about twenty minutes from the end of soundcheck to go time.

I generally make sure I have a set list taped to the floor, get two beers for the first set, and re-check tuning.

I play with my eyes closed most of the time so I don't have any nerves. As far as I can tell nobody is looking at me!
well last show we played, we were there 2 hours before we went on me and my other guitarist started a circle mosh and told people how badly our band sucks but didnt tell them we played for them and we were the closing act but we always try to **** with other bands and pull pranks while their onstage like for our show the 23rd we dressed as misses and rudolph in s&m gear and ran out and started spanking the other band and **** haha, i know sounds gay but its really not, grindcore ffs it always ends like that
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Unplugged/acoustic warmup...talking to other bands/crowd members...saying how much my band sucks, neglecting to mention that I'm in it...

and BlackList, I'm sure you mean well, but interfering with another band while they perform is just bad form...imo anyways.
I basically get scared ****less...So I just go over the setlist and any solos or hard parts (by hard parts I mean everything because I suck. I'm a singer who plays guitar, not the other way around).