i want a good metal guitar... i have a fender fat strat now so im looking to complement its bluesyness. my amps decent its a line 6 what ever. and im fine with it for now so im looking for a guitar. it should have a floating trem like a floyd or something similar and high output humbuckers and be pretty cool. (the line six isn't a spider)
easy..............., jackson, ibanez or schecter..the more you pay for a guitar with these manafacturers the better the build In "most" cases.
Gonna have to say ESP. Or you could check out the Ibanez S470. H-s-h.

Also...price range?
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I'd say go for an ESP or Ibanez Prestige if you got the dough. Price range?
Try an Ibanez RG or an S series. RGs are the best budget metal axes with a Floating Trem. If u have some more money, maybe check out some Deans. some of em have trems. Schecter has alot of other guitars, but most of em are good for metal.
try a Jackson.

It seems everyone always says go for an ESP or an Ibanez, but why not Jackson?
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Stay away from Licensed Floyd Rose and most of the Ibanez trems.