So I'm going home for the weekend from my remote college having blown out my starter amp at band practice. We really kinda play everything - our set list is gonna include GNR, Dream Theater, SRV, Led Zeppelin, RHCP, and some funky prog stuff. Needs some good cleans and gain to pick up some more metal fast licks, but also the classic rock feel, too.

I'd like a price range around $700US, but if you really stand by something it could go to $1,000 (and maybe a tad bit higher). Combo amp would be a necessity and I'm not above buying used.

I've heard good things about the Traynor 50 Custom Blue, but I also hear it can't handle the heavier distortions...
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I'm gonna suggest buying a Peavey Classic 50.

Versatile amp that should do everything that you want.

I haven't really been able to play that many Traynors, but forsaknazrael has a YCV40 I believe and he likes it a lot.

Maybe he'll stop by this thread...
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im was going to throw the JCM800 out there but since you need cleans and distortion, then a classic 30/50 would work, but i think you might need an OD pedal for DT.

maybe a used JSX?

hold on can you find a used mark IV for that if so then +100000000000 to that idea!

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