Has anyone been to a concert yet on this tour im going on the 11th
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no, the guys a freak
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no, the guys a freak


Anyway, nope I haven't managed to get to a gig of his. He is pretty damn cool though
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Has anyone been to a concert yet on this tour im going on the 11th

No but i heard he bought a new wheelchair so he should be on time for the gigs this time.
iw anna go...but i'm not paying $728 to actually be able to see his face
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no, but i saw him at Ozzfest in 2006.

if he sounds anything like he did at ozzfest, this tour is gonna be disappointing.
i like his music from the 80's but i cant stand his personality. he bit the head off of a bat and pissed on the alamo. thats so freaking metal. give me a break.
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I am going on Oct 20. I want to see rob zombie more than ozzy. Should be good.