I really want a 7 string. I've sorta looked and i've seen a lot of signatures and i was just wondering... What would you recommend?

I'm just looking around so money doesnt matter.
I'm Tyler
you should post this in the 7 string legion group

youll get way better answers.... *waits for the first 7stringlegion member*
Ibanez Korn 7-strings. the top ones are really cool b/c they have a U-bar trem, so u dont have to reach for the bar, u can just palm the bar on the bridge and do trem. Wahburn has some decent 7-strings, and so does ESP. Id go with an Ibanez tho.
I have the LTD SC607B
I find it an awesome guitar, hardly notice the extra length, and the most comfoortable 7 string I have ever played.
The 607 was very nice as well, but I wanted the baritone.
I'd give the SC 607 a try if you can, the 207 is a good start if you don't want EMG pickups.
I'd go with the Ibanez S720 or the Apex 1
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Whats your price range?

$1000+ I'd go with a Carvin

Less than $1,000, possibly less than $400 i'd look into schecters. They seem to be lefty friendly.
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That pretty much covers all the good ones. Theres carvin and blackmachine as well though, but they're pricy
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