Alright my neighbours got a Godin LGX and he never plays it anyone know how much it's worth?
thanks that dosen't help me at all
i'm looking for the RETAIL price.
I thought it was obvious.
since you said it was your neighbours i assumed you wanted the used price...

EDIT:is it something like this?
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nay good sir
I was wondering the retail I think he got gipped lmao
it's at least 10 years old with like 10 hours of play time on it
No nicks at all
hell it was even in tune
and the ones on ebay don't have the same headstock

He said he payed like 2000+ ish or something like that for it
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No, I sure did not

but i'm quite sure thats his, just different colour, his is natural, dosen't really matter
but still good to know the price of it I guess

Thanks for the help dude
.... *calls whitness protection program*... youre soooo funny

its hard to emulate sarcasm thru writing... barre with me
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I am?
and witness protection isn't something to mess with man they're an angry ass bunch of senile old crabs THEY EAT BABIES