Aright so Ive finally gotten it to sound great. But my question regarding A/B switching is this:

Say I want no effects on A, but effects on B channel (Not talking FX 1 or 2). When I turn them on they stay on for both channels, I dont want that. Other patches switch. The solo button will switch but RV,CH,DLY will not. Whats the solution? Thanks for your patience.
is your setup similar to this
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You will need to set up an assign to trigger the effects when you press whatever footswitch you want to use for that function. One assign will be needed for each effect change. It sounds difficult, but once you do one, the rest is easy. It's not uncommon to have 20-30 assigns set in a single patch. Check out one of the presets that switches a lot of effects...press the "assign" button and scroll through to get an example of what I'm talking about.
Alright TwoString that really got me going. Thank you. I may have never figured that out. New question(s):

a) Why does it limit me to only 8 quick assigns(you said roughly 30). After 8 it goes to sensitivity.
b)Min/Max is my friend when switching effects on/off?

FYI Im not just some lazy guy looking for easy answers on a discussion board. Ive spent hours with headphones on tweaking and looking at online tips. Just trying to get over the curve. Which as you know is huge...

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hmmmmm...that's odd. Maybe it's because you're using quick assigns and not actually going manual. It's been a while since I've had a GT-8 to tinker with...I may have forgotten how many assigns it has available. The owners manual should clear it all up.