What are your three favorite things that you own.

You have to own them, and they have to be inanimate objects (although you can name pets if you like)

For me it would probably be

1. Guitar
2. Music Collection
3. Phone

2. Amp
3. Intelligence
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Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
1. Chronic Alcoholism
2. Beating women
3. Chronic Nicotine Addiction

It was ever so hard to pick which came first...

But really, when you think about it, you have a few drinks, you beat your wife, then you have a nice smoke to calm down, so the natural order of life prevailed really...

(To justify my answers, women are objects, I own them, I also own a large liquer selection and a large selection of fegs)
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Those are a few of my favourite things, Mary Poppins wouldn't say that would she.

Oh wait i didn't read all of it
1. Guitar
2. Drumset
3. Music in general
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What are your three favorite things that you own.

You have to own them, and they have to be inanimate objects (although you can name pets if you like)

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1. my friends
2. art [music/poetry/photography etc.]
3. drugs & alcohol
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1. Guitar
2. Weed
3. Doggeh

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okay fine, more serious response:

1. blacks
2. blacks
3. blacks
Chicken pot pie (my three favorite things!)
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1. My music
2. My car
3. My PS3 (flame shield)
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1. Music
2. Chipotle Burritos
3. Sexxxx
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