My band, centurion, has our first gig, but the venue only wants us to do cover songs.
And they want punk or pop-punk. any ideas on a good setlist? We want more than just straight powerchords.
AKA IDIOT by The Hives. Has a riff or two. Sonic Reducer by the Dead Boys i think. has a nice solo and riff. Search and Destroy, which i think is song by the Dead Boys im thinking of. Sonic Reducer is a Stooges song i think. either way, both are really cool. Maybe some AFI, like The Leaving Song pt. 2, with the intro tapping riff. but the vocals might be a bit difficult, cuz that guy can sing well, altho a bit high. Anything by Bad Religion is awesome, like Los Angeles is Burning or Social Suicide or Let Them Eat War. Id do the second and third one. Any Offspring, like Come Out and Play and The Kid's Arent Alright. theres a solo in the second one. Maybe do Alien Ant Farm's version of Smooth Criminal for fun.