This was written by a friend wanted to know what you gize thought of it

There’s a kite caught in a tree not far from here. It reminds me of you and me and our desperate love. Cause I can’t fly when you smother me, but I’ll just fall to the ground without you, and our desperate love. You were the saddest song, that I could sing. You were a broken bridge dropping a thousand feet. You‘re my reason to try be everything. You were a starving child, on a TV screen. You were the ship beneath a storm mounting. You’re the broken hands on a pianist. You’re lost
And there’s a boy made of glass who stays out the rain cause he’ll slip and he’ll fall and he’ll break and then he’ll be gone. But there’s a girl made of concrete who holds his hand. She knows just want he wants, what he needs so he wont go smash under her. You’re the only place, I really belong. You’re the line I scream in my favourite song. You’re a mistake I made, that I won’t admit was one. You’re a boiling day led out in the sun.
When we’re all happy, and we love everyone. You bring me to think of what I’ll become cause I’m scared.
You just seem to know me so well. And I cant remember anything before, you came around. It’s a joke to say I’d ever been as happy but I am now. And you just seem to know me so well.
You were beautiful when you fell asleep, then you’d sit up awake and you’d talk to me. Tell me everything's going to be okay and we‘ll heal. You were a screaming mess on a hospital bed. You were a violent night thats ended in death. You were a 100 feet of emptiness below. You're an accident in a roadside stare. You're a statue in a broken monument. You're a microphone picking up everything that I say. You're a little girl, trapped in an old deep well. You’re a time long ago, when I could still really feel like I was still alive when I could still feel your hands on my skin. You’re the cruellest thoughts, that I could never tell. You’re the waving hands of my hardest farewell. You’re a daydream I won’t ever wake from.
Everything I hate, I love, I need.

the breaks dont make sense you'll have to figure out the rhythm yourself
dont need a full Crit just your opinion
Birdie Birdie in the sky, why'd you do that in my eye? Looks like Sugar, Tastes like sap.....OMG ITS BIRDIE CRAP!