This is a song I've just started working on for my bands CD. This isn't the full song just like two minutes of the direction I'm taking it in. I'd really like some constructive criticism on things I can do to make this a better song before I take it to my band mates. (Oh yeah, I realized somehow the metronome found its way back into the vocal track, oops...)

(Click on Autumn (original))
wow the first half of that was awesome! loved the solo in the beginning and the vocal harmonys, the solo at the end could be improved I think, and im not sure about the transition into the distorted part but apart from that very cool
The first half was VERY nice. The lyrics were a bit too straightforward in my opinion but pretty close to something you finalize.

Seaaaaaaaaaason, I like.

Then the distortion sounds like crap and the rest of the song is craps out. hhahaha
Thanks guys. Okay, so I'm guessing I need to cut the distorted part, or at least come up with a better transition to it. I wanted a heavier part in the song, but I guess I could achieve that by adding drums. As for the second half, yeah the solo sucks. I kind of rushed it and came up with it in one take. Thanks for the advice guys! I think I know what I'll do with it next.