What do you think of Hagstrom Super Swedes? I personally think they are extremely underrated, and has more good features than Epiphones for the same price. I am going to buy one very soon. For those of you that don't know what a Super Swede is, it is like a Les Paul but has these features:

-H Expander Truss Rod that guarantees to prevent the neck from ever warping
-Graphite composite nut
-Polyester finishes that are harder, smoother, and more dense than polyurethane
-Hagstrom Custom '58 pickups
I like Hagstroms alot. i rly wanna try em out, and the F-300 type guitars look really nice. Id take a Super Swede over an Epi Les Paul flame top most likely.
My next guitar is most likely going to be a Swede [not the Super, I'm a sucker for the Alpine White tuxedo look.] After researching quite a bit these sound like incredible guitars - and because they're essentially unknown they're cheap.

The Ultralux is also incredibly sexy:

Dimebag is overrated. Sue me.
Hagstroms rock.
The Swede has a second toggle for tone control where as the superswede has a coil tap switch instead. I am pretty sure that Pat Smear uses Hagstroms almost exclusively. I compared my 71 Swede with one of the new ones, you cannot tell the difference. The necks are super slim and fast. I am saving up to get the f200p with the p90s in it.
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I compared my 71 Swede with one of the new ones, you cannot tell the difference

Have you played the 71 and the new one side by side ? I did and to me they sound completly different, but the new ones are great buys.
Prices will go up as soon as the name Hagstrom is back again.