I'm in the process of buying a new guitar and amp.

The guitar will be a Schecter C-1 Classic 3 tone sunburst.

On the other hand...I'm not sure which amp to get. For the amount of money I want to spend I was recommended these two.

The Randall RX50D($339.99) has the digital effects but it's also 15 watts lower than the RX75R. So what I'd like to know...do built-in digital effects usually sound good or am I wasting my time? Cuz if they sound like crap I may as well get the RX75R($319.00) with more wattage and just by some decent FX pedals instead. As you can see there's not much difference in price. So any recommendations?

I play mostly rock, metal, death metal(swedish/finnish)...but I still like to play some classics here and there.

I'd be open to other suggestions...but I'm limited to ordering from what they have here: http://www.worldmusicsupply.com

btw... does anyone know the dimensions of these amps..I can't find them anywhere and I don't want an amp that's too big.

Thanks again.
Randall's built-in effects aren't too great.
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I've heard that some amps don't work well with pedals. Is that the case with these 2 amps?
I have the RX75R, as far as pedals are concerned the only pedal I used with it was the Boss BF-3 Flanger, and it worked fine. You won't need a distortion pedal or anything. And an overdrive pedal is useless with it, but effects such as wah, whammy, flange, etc... should work fine with it. It has an effects loop as well.
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Hey Everlost did you end up buying the Randall RX75R, I'm thinking of buying one and would like to know your oppinion, how do you like it?