I am a blues guy so I am usually in the pentatonic scales and I find that I constantly use a lot of the same licks. How can I get some fresh new licks that I can remember up and down the neck?

Would it be a good idea to keep a lick "book" and write down cool ones when I think of them and solo off of those?
i wouldnt keep a lick book exactly, i would try to solo in some different keys. or solo in a different scale, maybe do a bit in the Major scales. Listen to some SRV or something like that to get some new ideas.
Why not? That's actually a pretty good idea. Stick with it. Write something down everytime you get a brilliant idea. It also helps write good songs
Oh man i love the lick book idea. I think i might do that myself :P

Have you tried any Mixolidian Mode stuff?
I know that goes well over blues progressions
Its just a major scale with a flat 7th
I would suggest doing everything that's been offered so far. Listen to blues players to get new ideas for licks, write them down in a lick book, and play with a few other scales, probably the Mixolydian. You could also listen to guitarists in other genres or other instruments and make them into your own, bluesy licks.
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I think it's called Mixolydian Blues, with A# in this example as a blue note.

Try Dorian too.
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Yeah i get that problem too with repeating licks and runs. Just learn some licks from some bands and move them around, or sharp/flatten a note or move it up in the scale, hrm, im not so good at this advice, i wouldn't mind some myself ><
You should check out the chordtones.If you play a standard 12-bar blues the chords would often be dominant,like7th and 9th chords,right?. If you play a blues in A for instance the chords might be. A7,D9,E9.The A7 has C#,the major3rd,not found in the A minor penatonic scale.The D7 or 9 contains F# also not found in the Am pentatonic. The 5chord E has G# and B.Get my point? My English sucks as usual,I know ,but I hope you understand what I´m trying to explain here.