I visited my local guitar store, triedout some stuff and found out I liked this guitar and amp here, I want your opinion, etc, you know on it, just tell me what you think



It was around 475 in samash i think, this looks like a better deal at this site.

For the amp I tried this one:


for around 300, liked a lot.

So just say away on your opinion on this stuff. My budget is around $1000.
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Sorry I can't be more help, but you'd probably be better off asking in the electric forum or the Gear and Accessories forum on this site.
my bud has that amp its awesome
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I have that amp...stay away. The Spider is really not a great amp...personally, and I think a lot of other users would agree with me, Line 6 - and the Spider series especially - is something to stay away from. Nice guitar.
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$1000 total?? The SZ is a good choice, but idk about the Line 6. Try out some tubes, like a Crate Palomino or some Fenders. Play the clean on a Line 6, then play a straight Fender tube clean. youll be able to tell a big difference between the two. The Fender and all tubes in general have a good clean tone, other than hi-gain tube amps like a 6505 or something like that. Id get a Crate Palomino or a Peavey Valveking or Classic 30.