I'm looking into buying an F400fM LTD and I want to ask UG how it sounds? Any other guitar that are better than this one? I play the blackest most brutal metal imaginable and want to see if this is a guitar worthy of my presence. XD
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an abomination. It's like a BC Rich had sex with an Ibanez, had an abortion, and it survived on the side of the road eating roadkill and drinking it's own urine.

Most metal guitar ever. Period.
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i played it at sam ash on a line six spider 3 15w. it sounded great. the tribal inlays are sick, too. the f-series is so wicked looking

im cheap and went with the f100, because i couldnt afford the f400FM. the f100 isnt bad, but i do wish i saved up for the f400. id say go for it man.

you should actually hope youre worthy of presence.