So I'm in Grade 12 and in the next two months, I will have to start applying to different universities. I'm really good at the sciences and maths, interested in phyiscal health (kinesiology) but also want to do something to help other people and make quality money. I seriously have no clue what I want to do!

Anyways, when did you guys get your calling or finally realize what you want to do in your life? If you haven't, I'm with you.
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Middle of this year, half way through my bachelor of arts degree I decided I wanted to specialize in sound production, problem is my course doesn't really cater for that so I'm kinda boned at the moment
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It's stupid. You don't have to choose anything. Just do what makes you happy.


i can honestly say that i will be playing guitar for a living, i dont care how slim chances are and what people say.

and as for money...i dont give a **** about money. i get it, give it away, and get more. there, then ur making money AND helping people.

and u said u like physical health and you want to help people, sounds like a career to me. u can use that skill to help many people