on my humbucker pickup, there are two wires in one cord coming out; do these wires both have to connect to the jack wire, or does one have to be grounded (which)?
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one is ground and connects to the back of your volume pot. The other is hot and connects to your selector switch. If you are playing the pickup on it's own then it doesn't matter which is which. If you are playing the pickup in combination with another pickup then you have to connect the right wires to the right places so that it'll be in phase with your other pickup. Different companies use different colour coading so we need to know what brand the pickup is.
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when i put in my dimebucker, it worked by soldering both wires on the back of the volume pot.
but all pickups work differently, so read the manual it came with
If one is just a bare wire then that is your ground. If they both have plastic coating around them refer back to the above posts.
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