I have a RG prestige with a Wizard neck,..i want to buy a Les paul gibson...but have only played one at the moment and it was the 50's style neck...but is there a thinner one ? more toward the wizard neck ?
the '60s neck is skinnier, but i dont know how much thinner, im willing to learn this too.
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The reason why i ask is that my old guitar teacher who i still keep intouch with has had 2mm taken off his lespaul classic...evan though i think its a 60's neck which is the skinier one anyway.
yeah, the 60's necks were a lot thinner. The Page Les Paul's have the neck shaved down in the middle.
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yeah, the 60's necks were a lot thinner. The Page Les Paul's have the neck shaved down in the middle.

jimmy page signiture or what ?...or his own personal guitars
well yeah, Page's own guitar and I think the signatures have the shaved neck as well. He had a '59 and a '58 so his guitars started out with thick necks.
the 60s neck should be fine for your hands. i have smaller hands and the 60s neck is perfect.
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Epiphone use their own neck profile that they've had since they started, decades before Gibson bought them out.

As such, it's not much like anything else. It's slightly closer to the thin 60's neck than it is to the thick 50's neck, but it's got a steeper taper (i.e. there's a bigger difference in thickness between the neck at the nut and the neck where it joins the body), and near the higher frets it's definitely a bit chunkier than the 60's neck is.
Also Epi have a helluva heel on their set necks which make high fret access even worse than on a Gibson LP.

For the record, they use the same necks on every single instrument. So an Epi Elitist LP uses the same neck as an Epi LP Junior which again is the same as a Standard or Ultra or any of the signature guitars.

Personally, I think if Epiphone evened the neck profile out a bit so at the nut it was about 50mm thicker and at the body join it was about 70mm thinner, it'd be perfect. As it is right now though, it's a bit odd. Doing big slides and similar stuff on such a tapered neck can throw you off if you've got small hands.