Alright, I have this white LP copy. I plan on relicing it, and then putting some decals on it. I'm putting a Duncan JB in the bridge and the original neck pickup in it. I'm also gonna put some sheilding paint on it. I'm gonna put a new graphtech nut on it too. I eventually plan on changing the tuners and bridge. I have already done some work, so I'll get the picks up....
Anyway, can someone show me some pictures of reliced Les pauls?
Pictures and updates!
Here is a pic of it now...

Now I got to thinking about th relic idea, and then talked to my dad. I decided I was just gonna repaint it. My dad gonna do the painting, I just gotta do the sanding. I'm thinking a white/black burst.

Kinda like this...

Pickups: SD JB for bridge and a GFS Vintage '59' with chrome cover for the neck. Both Coil Split by push pull pots.
Should I sheild it with tape or the paint?
What do yall think of the planned paint job?

Edit: I'm also filling in the stop tail piece holes and making it a string through guitar.
Think that paintjob will be awsome, and making it a string through is a good idea
^Thanks, I hope my dad can paint it good. He used to paint cars a long time ago and he does wood work every now and then.

So, I got a parts list together. The stuff I need will come first.

Long shaft 250k and 500k pots.
Orange Drop .22uf caps
3-way Switch
Switch surround
Pickups rings
Output plate and jack.
String Thru ferrules
Sheilding Paint
Graphtech Nut
And a wiring job from a pro.
Should be from $80 - $90.

Things I want to add-
Grover tuners (there good right?), Wilkonson Brass roller bridge w/ locking studs, GFS vintage 59' with chrome cover, and Push pull pots for coil splitting. Should be close to $100.

Thats it so far.
Well, I've finally got the holes feeled and the body sanded smooth, and my dad is supposed to paint it sometime this week. I'll get pics up when it gets done.
When my dad painted it, the paint reacted with the old paint badly and shriviled up. So we got to sand it down to the bare wood. But I got another paint idea. Do you think I should paint the top and back white, and paint the sides black, then paint a southern cross (dimebag) on the top, or just keep the original burst design?
Anyway, here are the pics.

Well, I've now wanted to change this to a metal looking guitar.
I'm gonna put the spare Duncan JB I have in the bridge and probably get a Zebra Vintage 59 off of guitar fetish.
Anyway, here is the paint design as of now.
The back and sides are gonna be natural. I'm just about done sanding down the back right now.
i think you should just stick with the burst. and doing the natural side and back with that would be pretty cool
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^ I would, but I want something a bit more unique.
I've got the front, back, and sides sanded down!
I think I might keep the burst idea still, but I still want the natural back and sides. I have made a few changes in my plans though. Since I got my Epi Custom SG, I want something a bit different than a hardtail.
I'm gonna route out for a strat trem so I can put in a strat trem (obviously) and so I can practice routing skills. I want it to be close to the Mark Tremonti sig.
As for pickups I'm gonna put in a GFS power rails in the bridge and GFS Vintage '59 in the neck, for now. If I like the guitar enough after I get done, I might put in some Dimarzios later on.
I'm probably gonna put on some sperzel locking tuners too.
So do ya'll think I should put in the tremolo or stick with the string-thru?