Hello pit, I have come for medical advice. Today for gym we were playing flag football and I went to grab for some kids flag, he smacked my hand away and drove my thumb into my hand. I got an x-ray and apparently its not visibly broken.

The other possiblities are that its just a jammed thumb or tendant tear.

Someone tell me how to treat it or if its happened to you, how long did it take to heal?

Fuck it hurts.
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A thumb brace would work, it probably would take about a week depending on how seriously jammed it is.
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it'll take a good 3-5 days til its back to normal.

to treat it, try to yank your thumb out away from the knuckle (i'm serious) but not too hard.
To tell you the truth i jammed my thumb really bad last year playing basketball and it has never fully healed

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ok if its a jam it will be like 3 days
i its a tendant tear its gonna hurt or like a year, but only really hurt or like a few weeks
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just put a popsical stick under it and tape it to your finger. you get no medical billz and a tasty frozen treat
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All I can suggest is maybe get it taped by the trainers, into a kinda brace or just get the brace. Put some ice on it within the first 24 hours and after I think they said to not anymore because it's not worth it.

I jammed my thumb last year wrestling and I still don't have full range of motion so good luck.
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