Hey dudes, I want to get some guitar magazines, but I'm not sure which ones are good and which ones are just adds. Can y'all recommend some good guitar mag's for me?




Guitar World
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guitar world is a good one
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I really like Total Guitar which leans a bit more towards music news. It has tabs, tips on playing, and gear reviews but less tabs then some others. If you want something thats totaly focused on lessons and tabs id go with Guitar Technique or Guitar Player. Those two cut away all the interviews and go straight to the tablature.
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Guitar One has alot of tabs and lessons with famous guitarists. I hate the magazines that go on and on with news about band that everyone has already heard. And intervews can get boring too sometimes. I always thought that Gutar One covered a good variety of stuff that people actually care about, so that would get my vote. Guitar World is good too.
Guitar Player
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I think i get guitar player. I can't remember cause i hardly look at the stupid thing
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Total Guitar is the best!
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Um the guitarist does have a lot of adds, but I like the reviews and the interviews are pretty interesting