Okay, this is getting frustrating.. I am looking for a gig bag for my Jackson RR3.. and a dude in my english class has the same guitar as me, and he has a case that is made buy Ritter, it says it right on it, and it fits Randy Rhoad style guitars perfectly, one of the wings is smaller then the other and everything.. and I've been looking for a while now trying to hunt one down online..

So if anyone knows where I can find one, or if they were discontinued or something.. it be some nice info to have.

Quote by Joe-White

Did you find that site? I googled Ritter Gig Bags V and that came up.

If you scroll down it has a V bag, but Im not sure ifs what your talking about.

Yeah, that's the brand I'm looking for, but not the exact shape.
I found one out there on the internet, and it is a picture on ebay.. and it's already sold.
Why don't you just get a hard case? They're better than gig bags at keeping your guitar safe (especially a Rhoads - don't want to chip that upper horn!). Thay also look a whole lot less fugly.

I'm pretty sure Sam Ash or Musician's Friend have Jackson cases.