I've been comparing the two, and is the only difference that the JS1000 has a PAF Pro and the JS1200 has a PAF Joe? Is the body the same? I haven't gotten to try either out in person, but hope to soon. What do you guys think of these 2? Which is better? How good are they?
The JS series all around are amazing guitars. They have no-so-thin necks and a little bit smaller frets, which I actually prefer sometimes. They have really nice playability and almost all variations of the PAF are really decent pickups.
i played the js1000 once.
it was like playing something sacred.
they are the best guitars in the world imo.

as far as comparing the 1000 and the 1200, as you've already said the only difference is the pickups and the finish options.

i think the bridge pickup on the 1200 is slightly higher output, but dont hold me to that.

personally i'd go for the 1000 as the burnt transparent blue finish is to die for.
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